Thanks so much for your interest in joining us as a member of the working family at Lowcountry Music and Arts Festival. 


Read on for information about the various volunteer personnel opportunities at LMAF. Please note there are application links within the document and at the bottom of this document. Should you have any questions after reading through this material thoroughly, please feel free to email Michael Smoot at volunteer@lowcountrymusicfest.org




Currently our board is at 5 members and we are looking to double that to 10.


We are looking for members who bring a skillset to the table to be beneficial for the success of our nonprofit. We are looking for members who have knowledge of the music industry (promotion, event hosting, hospitality, agents, etc), knowledge of the Beer and Wine industry, Legal analysts with expertise in the Festival realm, Festival Experts, Fundraising Experts, and others.


Our board oversees the entire organization, will assist in managing the annual events, and will sit on various volunteer committees. Board members are not expected to attend all events, but are expected to attend our Annual Music Fest (Inaugural event Thurs-Sun Labor Day weekend 2021). If you feel you would be a good fit, please, sign up!


Anyone who signs up will receive a request for more information about themselves, and how they can benefit our organization. While we only need 5 members, we hopeful many more people will show interest. For anyone who is not selected to serve on the board, other volunteer positions are always available, and the entire board is up for election every 3 years.






Our organization is looking to bring on a number of volunteer-based staff who have experience in Music Festivals, Beer Festivals, Scholarship building, Grant-seeking, Musician booking, Vendor booking, and others.


We will be using our staff to expand our organization and prepare us for events. Staff will oversee and coordinate marketing and fundraising, manage other volunteers within the organization as well as other event staff for the various events held each year. Staff will be the founding building-blocks of each major department with LMAF. Staff will placed on at least one committee, based on the opportunity available. Some Staff will be offered to take on leadership roles such as department heads..


Staff are personally selected and vetted by Department Heads and/or Board Members. Staff are expected to contribute between 5 and 20 hours per week. Staff will receive benefits such as Free Tickets to the festival (# to be based on hours worked and contribution to the organization), Invitation to the Annual Organization Retreat, and Free company swag.